cinematic DIRECTING examples for cutter productions (2018)

CLIENT: New York Public Library

An Indiana Jones-style trailer for an imaginary mystery/adventure film that takes place inside The New York Public Library.


Logline: An astronaut looks back on his life as his spacecraft breaks down around him. Did he choose the right path?

Shot exclusively on the Phantom.


This is the 1 minute trailer for a thriller I directed. Link to full 16-minute pilot is HERE.

Multiple Award-Winner, including:
Best Director - New York Television Festival

Logline: Two thieves go to door-to-door posed as Jehovah’s Witnesses, until they stop at the wrong house and make a disturbing discovery that puts multiple lives at risk.


Logline: A young woman tries to sign up for online dating, but finds that every user name seems to already be taken.

This was a finalist for TropFest - the world’s largest short film festival.

I directed this with Kaela. I edited it.


I directed and edited this. There’s a 4-minute version HERE that is shaped more like branded content than a short doc, but people love this 10-minute version which has 750k views on YouTube.

Just Be Yourselves

Trailer - 1 Min.
Link to full 5-minute short is HERE.

Logline: Molly is a lot of things, but a "loser" is not one of them.

I directed this with Kaela. I edited it.