Witnesses (Trailer)


SeriesFest                                                           Winner:  Best Pilot
New York Television Festival:                           Winner:  NYTVF Critics Award       Winner:  Best Director
Independent Television and Film Festival:     Winner:  Best of the Fest                Winner:  Best Cinematography

When two thieves posing as Jehovah's Witnesses break into a rural home, they discover a shocking crime far worse than their own and must decide if they should intervene or save themselves.

Directed by David Eisenberg.
Created by David Eisenberg and Jon Higgins. 


 An astronaut looks back on his life as his spacecraft breaks down around him. Did he choose the right path?

 Premiered at the Wisconsin Film Festival in 2018.
 Written by Jaron Berman and David Eisenberg.  Directed by David Eisenberg.


Directed by David Eisenberg
Written and Created by Dan Goggin

Link is HERE

Based on the $500 million-grossing musical hit!  
Pilot has over 650,000 views and counting.  


Deadline Hollywood

Above: David on the set of "Nunsense."


Run Time: 2 minutes
Tropfest New York 2013 Finalist

A young woman tries to sign up for online dating, but finds that every user name seems to already be taken.

Written & Directed by David Eisenberg & Kaela Wohl. Edited by David Eisenberg.


Cornerman (Trailer)

Trailer Run Time:  1 minute

This is a trailer for a surrealistic short film about a man who can't bring himself to face life head-on.

Directed and Edited by David Eisenberg.  
Written and Produced by Matt Binetti & David Eisenberg.
See the full 8-minute film HERE.

Just be yourselves (trailer)

Trailer Run Time:  30 seconds

Molly's different personality traits get personified and pop up throughout a first date, to help out whenever the going gets tough.

Written & Directed by David Eisenberg & Kaela Wohl.