Witnesses (Trailer)


SeriesFest                                                           Winner:  Best Pilot
New York Television Festival:                           Winner:  NYTVF Critics Award       Winner:  Best Director
Independent Television and Film Festival:     Winner:  Best of the Fest                Winner:  Best Cinematography

Two young grifters scout their next target while posing as missionaries, until they knock on the wrong door and make a disturbing discovery that puts multiple lives at risk.

Directed by David Eisenberg.
Created by David Eisenberg and Jon Higgins. 

Nunsense - the Series

Directed by David Eisenberg
Written and Created by Dan Goggin

Pilot for the new series "Nunsense," based on the
$500 million-grossing musical hit!  

Has over 650,000 views and counting.


Deadline Hollywood
Times Square Chronicle

Above: David on the set of "Nunsense."


Run Time: 2 minutes
Tropfest New York 2013 Finalist

A young woman tries to sign up for online dating, but finds that every user name seems to already be taken.

Written & Directed by David Eisenberg & Kaela Wohl. Edited by David Eisenberg.


Cornerman (Trailer)

Trailer Run Time:  1 minute

This is a trailer for a surrealistic short film about a man who can't bring himself to face life head-on.

Directed and Edited by David Eisenberg.  
Written and Produced by Matt Binetti & David Eisenberg.

See the full 8-minute film HERE.

Just be yourselves (trailer)

Trailer Run Time:  30 seconds

Molly's different personality traits get personified and pop up throughout a first date, to help out whenever the going gets tough.

Written & Directed by David Eisenberg & Kaela Wohl.